Mae Pindmaa Sleep Clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating all possible sleep disorders. With the methods and techniques of both modern Western and traditional oriental medicine the real cause of your sleep disorder will be uncovered and the best treatment applied. 

What is a sleep disorder?

A sleep disorder is a condition that prevents a person from getting restful sleep and restoring their energy levels. The most common sleep disorders are sleep apnea, insomnia, parasomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome (RLS) and circadian rhythm abnormality. 

What are the consequences?

Sleep deficiency caused by sleep disorders leads to daytime fatigue and sleepiness, thus affecting a person’s job performance, memory and concentration. Also, people suffering from sleep disorders are more susceptible to diseases, mood disturbances and stress, which can lead to misuse of medications and drugs. A sleepy driver in traffic can be even more dangerous than a drunk driver. 

What can be done?

Sleep disorders can be diagnosed and cured. An appointment with a sleep specialist and analysis of the sleep test helps to assess your health and uncovers the real cause of the disorder and possible damage to your body and mind. Modern medicine can effectively cure various sleep disorders, thus lessening the risk of falling ill and lengthening life expectancy, improving both family and job relations and quality of life.

Last modified: 01 Jan 2015